Seiko SKX173 Review

The Seiko SKX173 is a very similar watch to the SKX007 so I thought it deserved mention here. The SKX007 was originally designed for the Asian market while the SKX173 was designed for the North American market.

The only differences between the SKX007 and the SKX173 are the dial markers and the shape of the second hand. The SKX173 has rectangular markers while the SKX007 has round markets. The second hand on the SKX007 has a painted white dot (without luminescent paint) on the elongated back end of the hand while the SKX173 has a luminous dot located toward the end of the sweeping portion of the hand. Really, the best way to show this difference is with a picture:

Seiko SKX173

You can see the SKX007 on the left and the SKX173 on the right. They are very similar watches. It all comes down to your personal preference although I have noticed that the SKX173 is more expensive for some reason. Probably because the Asian SKX007 can be imported from international wholesalers much cheaper than the directly-marketed-to-the-States SKX173 (I’m guessing Seiko has more control over the USD wholesale price of the North American version – I assume foreign exchange rates have something to do with the price of the SKX007 as well, although I digress…). Anyhow, the manufacture and movements are the same and both watches come with the same warranty. It all comes down to preference and how much you are willing to spend.

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Where Can I Buy The Seiko SKX173?

The SKX173 is on sale at Amazon. Amazon is also currently offering free shipping with the SKX173. I have done some comparison shopping on this watch, and Amazon currently has the best price. Click here to Buy the Seiko SKX173 on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Seiko SKX173 Reviews?

The best place for more reviews of the SKX173 from people who actually own the watch is Amazon. There are currently over 100 reviews of the SKX173 on Amazon. Click here to read more SKX173 reviews on Amazon.