About Me

I am a student and enthusiast of all things horological. My interests in watches began with my father. His collection of dive watches fascinated me and I spent much of my time scouring books and the internet for information on my favorite watch manufacturers.

I own several Seiko watches, one of them being the Seiko sxk007 dive watch. The skx007 is an excellent tool watch designed for daily use and abuse. I wear mine to work, school, the gym – wherever I go. The classic and understated design goes well with almost anything. The durable construction means the watch always looks it’s best. I suppose that is why the skx007 always finds its way back to my wrist. While various Swiss manufacturers offer similar style watches I find the affordability makes the skx007 very difficult to beat for everyday wear.

I created this website to spread the word about this classic time piece. There is a lot of information out there about the skx007 but I find that most of it is spread out over various retail sites and watch enthusiast forums. My goal here is to design a resource that you will find both informative and enjoyable, a place that takes the best of the web and funnels it into one compact skx007 resource. If there is anything I can do to improve this website please contact me. I appreciate all your feedback and continued support.

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Seiko SKX007